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Billing web tool, accounting and taxes for companies


If you are a company, Contasimple offers you an online environment full of facilities with all kinds of functionalities that can help you streamline your daily processes, reducing time and costs.
  • Self-management: The company can manage all its processes in a completely autonomous way.

  • Billing : With the billing module you can manage all your invoices issued, received, your amortizations and your expenses, as well as send these invoices to your customers through the tool itself.

  • Accounting : You will have a global vision of the state of your company, to be able to make the best decisions at every moment.

  • Management of collections and payments : Quickly and easily you can see the customers who owe you money, as well as know the general state of your income.

  • Export : At any time you can download invoices in PDF format, Excel accounting or integrate everything with your Dropbox account, so that your invoices are automatically synchronized with your space in the cloud.

  • Customers and suppliers : Manage your contacts, whether customers and suppliers and download their vCard to integrate with your Outlook or compatible system.

  • Products : You can register the products or services of your company, for greater speed when creating invoices.

  • Virtual Disk : Save your private documents in our virtual disk in the cloud, contact the invoices and have a more complete control of your files.

Contasimple has many other features for companies, sign up for free and discover them yourself without any commitment.


Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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