Subscription and recurring payments management software

Charge your subscribers with recurring receipts through direct debit and control your treasury at all times.

Advantages of recurring payment by direct debit for your subscription model:

You don't need any online payment system

Insert the agreement with your bank and start processing your charges.


Create a receipt for your new subscriber only the first time.


Click "process receipts" when the due date arrives. Your remittance will be generated automatically.

You will not need to issue your invoices manually

You just need to create your new subscriber, set up your receipt and enable automatic invoicing.

Greater control of your income

Enable the function "mark the invoice as charged" and its status will change automatically when you generate the remittance.

Easily manage repayments

You can import your bank's return files and select the option you want to proceed with.

Create a new receipt for each subscriber and set up the recurring payment easily.

  • 1. Frequency and day of collection

    Select type of “recurring” receipt, the start date collection, the frequency (monthly, annual…) and the day.

  • 2. Concept and amount to be paid

    In "owner information", select your subscriber. In “collection information”, the bank account number will automatically come out because you have already set it up when creating your new customer. You just have to add the concept of payment and the amount.

  • 3. Automatic invoicing

    Choose the automatic invoicing option if you have not previously created the invoice, and it will be created every time you process your receipts. You can also enable the automatic sending of the invoice to the customers mail and mark the invoice as charged. Do not enable this option if you have previously created the invoices, as they would be duplicated.

  • 4. Process your receipts and generate a remittance

    When the due date that you still have confirmed arrives, you will see the list of all receipts to be collected. Click "process receipts." You can also add punctual receipts if you have created one.

  • 5. Generate the SEPA file to upload to your bank

    The list of receipts to generate the bank remittance will appear. The remittance is the grouping of receipts ready to be collected. You can select all your recurring receipts in one click or one by one. You can also add punctuals. Click on "generate remittance".

  • 6. Download the SEPA file to upload to your bank

    Click on “download bank file 19.14”. This SEPA file contains all the information that the bank needs to charge the amounts to your subscribers and transfer them to your account. Do not forget that you will have to upload it to your bank for payments to be processed.

Create new recurring receipt
Select customer, concept and collection amount
Automatic invoicing of a recurring payment
Process recurring receipts
Group your receipts ready to be collected in a bank remittance.
Download bank file 19.14

Charge your subscribers by direct debit according to SEPA regulations

Bank remittance, that is, the grouping of all your receipts ready for payment, is an effective way to configure your recurring payments derived from your subscription business. You do not need to install any payment platform. Nor will you have expiration or cancellation failures as in the case of card payment.

Manage your returns and defaults easily

Import your bank returned files and you can:

  • Mark invoices issued as pending and receipts as returned.

  • Generate payments and mark receipts as returned.

  • Mark only receipts as returned.

Process returns of recurring receipts

Find out more about bank receipts and remittances

Discover Contasimple App

  • Know the status of your business at a glance.

  • The graphics detail the evolution.

  • Select over what period you want the detail.

  • Keep your treasury up to date.

  • Enter your invoices and other documents anywhere.

  • Mark your invoices as paid.

  • Claim your pending invoices.

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