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Dashboard or Control Panel. Quickly and graphically visualize the status of your business.
Income and expense tables for the selected period. Forecast charts of treasury, invoices pending collection and due and outstanding customers and suppliers.

Billing summary screen. This screen displays a quarterly or annual summary with complete billing information. The information that can be viewed is the one referring to the Registry of Issued Invoices, Receipt of Invoices Received, Expense Record and Registration of Investment Assets.

List of invoices issued. List of invoices that have been issued. This list currently shows the invoices for the selected period and allows operations such as Export the list in Excel format, export invoices in PDF format, send invoices to a recipient, perform collection management ...

Example invoices. The following invoice is an example of an invoice generated with the platform in PDF format. Contasimple allows The creation of PDF invoices, if the user prefers it, can be sent directly to the client in question in just 2 clicks. Contasimple has different models of invoices to select the one that best suits your business and also allows the customization of logos, colors and fonts.

Issue a new invoice. Screen to create a new invoice issued. In this invoice can be defined invoice number, date of the invoice, customer information, concepts and amounts of the invoice, retention, ...

Client management. List of available clients. From this screen you can register new clients, modify them and eliminate them.

Registering from a provider. As well as you can manage the clients, you can also perform the complete management of the suppliers. The following screen shows the registration form of a new provider.

Calculation of investment assets. As with the records of invoices issued and received, the registration of investment assets is also managed. The next screenshot shows an example of the calculation of depreciation made on a purchase of a PC for € 2,950.00.

Manage the product / service catalog. With Contasimple you can manage your catalog of products and services by facilitating your invoice creation tasks.

Virtual Disk Management. All Contasimple users have virtual disk functionality, which is a tool that allows uploading files and storing them in the cloud. Among the main features we have that these files can be associated with existing invoices of the tool, as for example could be a praise to an invoice.

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Cegid is one of the main players in business management solutions in the cloud for Finance (ERP, treasury, taxes), Human Resources (Payroll, Talent management, Time management), Accounting, Retail, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

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Contasimple is a product of Grupo Primavera, a Cegid Company    Calle Labastida 10, 28034 Madrid, CIF B67119594, T 932 933 806
Contasimple S.L.U. is a company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in volume 46203, folio 76, sheet B-512849, inscription 1.