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Select the model that you like and personalize it with your logo and colors.

1. Customize your template

1. Customize your template

Select the invoice model that you like the most.
Upload your logo.
Customize the colors and fonts.

2. Create your invoice

Select your customer.
Fill in the basic information.
Save the invoice.
2. Create your invoice

3. Send it or export it

Once created you can export it to PDF.
Or send it to your clients through our platform.
Or generate the equivalent electronic invoice.
Or associate a document, delivery note or budget.
Or ... many more things! Discover it!

What else can I do?

Upload documents
Upload documents
Upload documents to our cloud to always have them accessible, wherever you are.
Associate documents uploaded to invoices to have everything sorted.

Management of charges and payments
Management of charges and payments
Mark when and how your bills have been paid to carry out an exhaustive control.

Management of invoice deliveries
Management of invoice deliveries
Send your invoices to your customers through Contasimple.
Take control of the customers who have received the invoice and when.

Graphic reports
Graphic reports
Check your control panel that will visually inform you of your general condition.

Only billing?

Contasimple is a tool that covers the complete cycle of the processes of a self-employed or company.

  • Create budgets
  • Create delivery notes
  • Create invoices
  • Manage collections and payments
  • Manage your accounting
  • Analyze and manage your customers and suppliers with our CRM
  • Calculate your taxes (VAT, IRPF, Withholdings, Income ...)
  • Work with our virtual disk in the cloud
  • Check the status reports of your business


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Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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