Billing program for Freelancers and SMEs

Create your invoices in 10 seconds and manage your business wherever you are.

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Online invoicing program for Freelancers and self-employed

Our invoicing software allows you to create your invoices in 10 seconds. It is an electronic invoicing system especially designed for the needs of freelancers and SMEs.

Customer Invoicing

Customer invoicing is easy and fast because it is connected to your Customer and supplier management CRM.

In this way, Contasimple also becomes your perfect client management CRM software.

Invoicing and stock control

Select your products and services directly from your product catalog without writing the concepts when creating your invoices. Prices, discounts, VAT rates and product codes (SKU's) will also be imported automatically.

Keep your stock control up to date connecting it with your invoicing and creation of delivery notes. Stocks in your inventory will be updated automatically.

In this way, Contasimple also becomes your perfect stock control software.

Invoicing and accounting

Creating your invoices from Contasimple and registering all your other expenses and income in our online invoicing program allows you to automatically keep your accounting.

You can also make your amortizations easily. You don't need to have accounting knowledge.

You can automatically export your bookkeeping when you need it and keep it as long as you need.

In this way, Contasimple also becomes your perfect accounting software.

Cloud Invoicing

In addition to storing all your invoices created in Contasimple on our virtual disk, you can also upload all other files you want in any format. You can create all the folders you need to organize youself as you wish.

Invoicing on the virtual disk

Upload your invoices received, proof of expenses... and associate them with the records that you create in "issued invoices", "expenses" and "investment goods".

Files management on the virtual disk

More information about cloud invoicing.

Invoice templates and customization

With Contasimple you can customize your invoices with your logo and corporate colors, font, template and footers. Check this link to see examples of invoices created from Contasimple.

In this same link we also tell you how to create an invoice with Contasimple, and all the peculiarities of invoicing by professional sectors.

Automatic invoicing for recurring payments

If your business model generates recurring receipts , with Contasimple you can enable automatic invoicing so that your invoices are automatically generated at the moment you generate a remittance for direct debit of recurring receipts. You can also generate remittances with non-recurring receipts.

Different invoice templates adapted to you

Work with professional and personalized invoice templates.
You can add your logo.

Know the status of your bills at any time

Management of collections and payments.
You can check non-payments and returns.

Control your business from wherever you are

It is no longer necessary to be in your office to know the status of your business.
Work with professional and personalized invoice templates.
You can add your logo.
Management of collections and payments.
You can check non-payments and returns.
It is no longer necessary to be in your office to know the status of your business.

Free billing software that lets you
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We are up to date with the most important integrations to simplify your management and that you can focus on what matters most, your business.


Manage your business from anywhere

Download the mobile billing application from Contasimple

Create, send and share your invoices in a simple and comfortable way.

Register from any place your expenses and invoices received from suppliers. Do not leave it for later!

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Contasimple is the free online billing program that allows you to save time and money.

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Why do you need Contasimple?

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Create your invoices in 10 seconds, personalize them with your logo and send them to your costumers.

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Create your budgets in 10 seconds. Convert it on an invoice in just 1 click.

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Delivery notes

Generate customized, clear and elegant delivery notes. Impress your customers!

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Everything you need to comply with the law and understand your business.

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Electronic signature

Upload your certificate and sign any kind of document, invoice, delivery note or estimate.

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Virtual disk

Upload your private documents and link them with your invoices or delivery notes.

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Control of expenses

Tracking and controlling expenses had never been so easy.

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Customer Management

Manage your customers and get the most out of them.

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Stock control

Manage your warehouse and control your stock.

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Time tracking

Keep track of your employee's worked hours.

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Generate receipts and bank remittances to charge your customers.

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Dropbox & Google Drive

We integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. Each created invoice will be automatically uploaded to your account.

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With our module of reports, in a single click you can obtain the most relevant data of the state of your business.

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Global vision

With our Dashboard you will have a global vision to support the decision making of your business.
Get to know your internal processes thoroughly.

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Export in PDF and Excel all your invoices, movements, accounts, clients, ...

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Manage your individual notes.


Ask us your questions, we will be happy to help you.

And much more!

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Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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