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Invoice generator

The free online bill generator of Contasimple

1. Fill in your invoice

Enter the necessary information to generate your invoice.

What is an invoice?

2. Send it to your client

With a simple click it will arrive by email, with a personalized message for you.
In addition, you will also receive a copy in your mail.

3. Drink a coffee

It is done! Enjoy your time.


Why do you need Contasimple?

Discover what we can do for you.


Create your invoices in 10 seconds, personalize them with your logo and send them to your clients.

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It generates, in just 10 seconds, complete and clear budgets. Create a budget invoice in just one click.

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Delivery notes

Generates customized, clear and elegant delivery notes. Impress your customers!

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Everything you need to comply with the law and understand your business.

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We are the ones with the highest taxes.
VAT (303, 390), IRPF (130, 100), Withholding Rentals (115, 180), Withholding F.Received (111, 190), Transactions with Third Parties (347) ...

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Electronic invoice

Upload your certificate and sign any kind of document, invoice, delivery note or estimate.

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Virtual disk

Upload your private documents and link them with your invoices or delivery notes.

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Control of expenses

Never tracking and controlling expenses had been so easy.

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Customer Management

Manage your customers and suppliers by getting the most out of them.

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Stock control

Manage your warehouse and control the stock of your products.

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Time tracking

Keep track of your employee's hours.

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Generate receipts and bank remittances to charge your customers.

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Dropbox & Google Drive

We integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. Each created invoice will be automatically uploaded to your account. Easier and comfortable impossible!

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Global vision

With our Dashboard you will have a global vision to support the decision making of your business.
                        Get to know your internal processes thoroughly.


Export in PDF and Excel all your invoices, movements, accounts, clients, ...


With our module of reports, in a single click you can obtain the most relevant data of the state of your business.


Manage your individual notes.


Ask us your questions, we will be happy to help you.

And much more!

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Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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