Free invoicing software for hairdressers and barber shops.

Create free invoices to bill your services in just 10 seconds. Manage your accounting. Time tracking tool to help you calculate your billable hours.

Manage your hairdressing salon easily with an online software.

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Create your invoices in just 10 seconds.

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Manage your accounting easily.

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Time tracker to calculate your billable hours.

Invoicing, estimates, accounting and taxes for hairdressers and barber shops

Manage your hairdressing or barber shop wherever you are.

Choose an online software that allows you to manage your hairdresser salon wherever you are. From your computer in your office and also from your Smartphone or Tablet. All you need to just focus on what really matters: your customers.


Create invoices for your hairdressing services in just 10 seconds. Customize them with your logo and send them to your customers automatically.

How to create invoices for hairdressers and barber shops

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Create your estimates in just 10 seconds. Create an invoice from an estimate with just 1 click.

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Electronic signature

Integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation guaranteed.

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Cloud storage

Cloud storage to manage your files from the cloud. Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Remittances and bank receipts

Remittances and bank receipts for recurring payments.

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Everything you need to manage your business easily. With Contasimple you save time so you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: your work.

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Simple Customer and supplier management.

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Income and expenses management

With our visual dashboards you will be able to control your finances intuitively.

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Physical POS

Physical POS for card payments.

Global vision

Global vision of your financial status at any time.

Collections and payments

Export all the information about your collections and payments.

Informes de empresa

¿Vas a realizar un servicio de peluquería, estética o maquillaje de gran importe, por ejemplo para una pasarela de moda o para un film? Asegúrate primero de que tu cliente es solvente consultando un informe de solvencia desde Contasimple.

Time tracking tool

Time tracking tool to help you calculate your billable hours. Also to control the working hours of your employees.

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Presentación telemática

Exporta los ficheros de los modelos de la AEAT para subirlos digitalmente y hacer tu presentación telemáticamente.

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Contasimple app

Time tracker usable from Contasimple app too.


If you have any doubt, you can always contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. It will be a pleasure to assist you. Our team are experts in helping small business owners and self-employeds with their billing and accounting issues.

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How to create an invoice for hairdressers and beauty centers

Our sales invoice templates create a unique invoice reference number automatically to comply with legal requirements. Your legal information and the one from your client will appear automatically once you have registered your customer in the program. Remember to modify the invoice date in case you are issuing the invoice in a different day from the one the purchase took place. Add the due date and terms of payment too.

Simplified invoices and tickets

When you are just giving to your customers a receipt or ticket, for example from your cash register, you can keep control of your accounting using Contasimple by creating a single daily invoice. If you are selling goods which have different VAT rates, separate them by each type of VAT rate or each different tax.

In order to be able to do that, first create a fictitious customer called “Multiple Customers” as follows:

1. Go to “Configuration” :

Various clients made Contasimple step 1

2. Company Setting, Taxes:

Various clients made Contasimple step 2

3. Go to “Invoices to unidentified customers” and click on the button “Create customer Multiple customers”:

Various clients made Contasimple step 3

4. Once you have created your “Multiple customers”, you will be able to select it when you create your daily invoice:

Various clients made Contasimple step 4

Elements that your invoice should include

Describe the service provided and the material used, if it is the case, as separate concepts. All as much detailed as possible. The program will calculate the total automatically. Add the percentage of taxes if required.

How can I create a new note to be selected on the invoice?

To create a new note, click on "Manage note information", write a title for the new note, write the text that should appear in the invoice and click on "Insert":

How to manage notes on hairdressing

How do I create a new collection method?

By default, "Cash" will appear. If you want to add a new collection method, click on "New method", give it a title on "Method name", and select the "Type of method". Enter the card number or checking account, or only the last 4 digits.

New hairdressing bill collection method

Which invoice template should I choose?

Contasimple has multiple invoice templates with different designs. If you don’t want the quantity column to appear in your invoice, just choose some template called "Services". If you would like the quantity column to appear to add the number of hours worked, choose any template but "Services" ones.

How can I apply a discount rate?

You have two options: whether to apply a discount rate for a specific customer, or apply a discount rate only for some invoice concepts.

When you create a customer, you can set a discount rate for them to apply to all concepts of your invoices. The subtotal of the invoice net amount will decrease accordingly:

Customer discount on hairdressing and beauty bills

If you wish to apply a discount rate in one or some of the concepts of your invoice, just add the number of the percentage in the “% Discount” column. The subtotal of the net amount will decrease proportionally:

Discount on several hairdressing invoice concepts

Bill your customers from the Contasimple Billing App

Contasimple's App is designed to make your daily tasks even easier.

  • Create invoices, delivery notes and register your tickets.

  • Check your schedule of customers and suppliers.

  • View all your virtual disk documents.

  • Certified digitization of invoices.

  • Time tracking also from the app.

Available for Android and iOS. Totally free!

App to make free invoices

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