Returns bank remittances SEPA

SEPA Returns

The bank remittance module is a tool that allows you to manage the unpayments generated when processing a bank remittance with Contasimple.
Learn how to generate bank remittances.

The SEPA return file downloaded from your bank must contain the following information:

  • Number of bank receipts returned.
  • For each receipt:
    1. Receipt number.
    2. Customer information returned.
    3. Information on the reason for the return (code and description).
    4. Amount returned.
    5. Original receipt information returned.


Your bank must have given you access to their remittance / receipt/direct debit system.

Have set up the Contasimple remittance module by uploading your bank contract.

Having turned over bank receipts grouped in a remittance with Contasimple.

How to process a return

Process returns

Process returns

In the top menu, in the "Banks" section, click on "Process returned receipts".

Upload the file

Drag the return file to the box.

Upload the file

Action to take on the original invoice

Choose the action to take on the original invoice

You can choose between:

  • Mark original issued invoices as pending.
  • Generate subscription invoices and mark receipts as returned.
  • Do not take any action on the original invoice, just process the file and save it in the return history.

Customer notification

Choose whether or not to notify the customer of the return. If you choose to notify him, the notification will be sent to the email you provided in the receipt: If it does not exist, it will be sent to the email in the customer listing. If neither is available, the notification cannot be sent. You can create a template for the message or write it by hand in the "message" section. Also add the subject of the message. You can automate certain parameters and the system will replace them at the time of sending the email with the specific information of each customer, receipt or invoice.

Notificacion devolución al cliente
Preview returns SEPA


The result will be previewed and you will need to select the receipts to process.


Confirm the processing of remittance files. The return process will begin.

Confirmation return SEPA
Return history

Return history

You can check the results in the "Return History" section.


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