Electronic signature of estimates for
freelancers and companies.

Sign your estimates electronically.

Upload your digital certificate and electronically sign your estimates and other documents. Create your estimates in seconds and keep your accounts up to date. Upload your estimates to the cloud and email them to your customers. Wherever you are, from web and Android and iOS mobile app.

How to electronically sign your estimates.

Link your account

Link your account

In the "Accounting" section, click "Create new estimate".

Then on "Estimate settings".

Set up your electronic signature

At the bottom of the estimate configuration page, you will find the "Estimates electronic signature" section.

Click on "Configure electronic estimates signature".

Set up your electronic signature

Upload your certificate

Upload your certificate

On the digital certificate settings page, add your digital certificate by dragging it to the box.

If the certificate requires a password, you will be prompted at this time.

For the certificate to be valid, you must include the private and public keys in the file.

Electronic signature of other documents

From here, you can also set up your electronic signature for your invoices, delivery notes and other documents.

Electronic signature of other documents

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