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Upload your digital certificate and electronically sign your documents. Upload them to the cloud and access them anytime, anywhere. Send electronically signed invoices to your customers. Add value to your documents by guaranteeing their authenticity.

What is a digital signature?

The digital signature or electronic signature is the equivalent of the handwritten signature for digital documents, that is, those that are not on paper. The digital signature, therefore, ensures your identity and that the content of your digital document has not been modified. With this, your digital document has the same validity as if it were in paper format and you had signed it by hand.

Digital signing of documents in pdf, word or excel is very useful, for example, to authenticate invoices, esimates, delivery notes or other documents you issue.

How to digitally sign your documents with Contasimple

Configuration profile


Inside your profile, click on "Configuration".


Select the "Digital Certificates" section.

Digital Certificates

Upload your certificate

Upload your certificate

You will access the "Configuration of the digital certificate" section. Upload your certificate by simply dragging it to the box. If the certificate requires a password, you will be prompted at this time.

For the certificate to be valid for signing invoices, enter the public and private key in the file.

Set up your electronic signature

Once you've uploaded your certificate, you'll be able to set up your signature for your invoices, estimates, delivery notes, and all kinds of documents you've stored on your virtual disk.

More information on virtual disk.

Estimated collection dates
Monthly frequency

Sign your documents

Access any of your Contasimple documents and sign them electronically by clicking on "sign file".

Benefits of signing your documents with Contasimple



It is guaranteed that no one has been able to alter the document since its signing.



It is guaranteed that the document has been issued by the person signing it, or if it is signed by a third party, that it acts as a guarantor of its integrity.

No repudio


Once electronically signed, the document will not be rejected due to doubts about its origin.


With one click you can electronically sign all your documents. Keep your accounts up to date.


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