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Customize your delivery notes.

Customize your delivery notes with Contasimple's professional templates. Create your delivery notes in seconds and add your logo and corporate colors. Wherever you are, from web and Android and iOS mobile app.

How to customize delivery note templates

Set up delivery notes

Set up delivery notes

To get started, click "Create delivery note" and then "Set packing slip".

Numbering series

In the first section of the delivery note configuration screen you will find your numbering series. You can edit and create new delivery note series from here.

Learn more about numbering series.

Numbering series

Delivery note templates

Delivery note templates

Choose the template that best suits your needs and corporate image.
Just customize your template as you prefer:

  • Text font.
  • Text color, lines and background.
  • Language.
  • Numeric format.
  • If you want to show the units of the products and their price.
  • If you want to show taxes.

Logo settings

To set up your delivery note logo, go to the Invoice setup section. You can access it from the link provided in the "Configuring the delivery notes logo" section.

Upload your logo in the box marked and click "Save" .

Maximum size: 1.5 Mb.

Logo settings
Delivery note footer

Delivery note footer

Enter the text you want to appear at the bottom or side of all your delivery notes here.

For example, you can report the company's registration in the Mercantile Registry or compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Electronic signature

Contasimple allows you to digitally sign the delivery notes. Signing your delivery notes and other documents digitally provides security and better guarantees to your customers.

Electronic signature

Custom delivery notes with your logo and corporate colors

Customize your delivery notes with templates that best fit your corporate image.
Add your logo and choose the colors of your brand. Also customize your invoices and estimates.


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