Accounting in Contasimple

Record your invoices issued, invoices received, investment goods and expenses in Contasimple
and keep your accounts up to date.

What is accounting?

Accounting is a necessary tool to be able to justify to the Tax Agency the income and expenses derived from the development of any economic activity.

Contasimple helps you meet your tax obligations by entering your invoices issued, invoices received, capital goods and expenses, and keeping your accounts up to date.

Discover all the accounting functionalities of Contasimple:

Invoices issued and invoices received

Invoices issued and
invoices received

Record your invoices issued and received with Contasimple.

Learn more about invoices.


Account for expenses arising from your financial activity for which you have a simplified invoice (receipt) as proof instead of an ordinary invoice.

Learn more about expenses.


Investment goods

Investment goods

Contasimple helps you calculate the depreciation of your investment goods easily and intuitively without the need for accounting knowledge.

Learn more about investment goods.

Import/Export of your accounting

Import and export your accounting with just one click. You can do this with all kinds of documents: invoices, estimates, delivery notes, expenses, investment goods, register books...

Learn more about importing and exporting documents.

Import and Export of your accounting



By keeping your accounts up to date you will be able to export your ledgers.

Type bookkeeping:

  • Sales and revenue logbook: Issued invoices and other revenue.
  • Purchase and Expense Record Book: Invoices Received and Other Expenses.
  • Investment goods book: Depreciation of assets with a useful life of more than one year.

Quarters locking

At the end of each quarter you can access the "Quarters locking" section to complete the accounting for the quarter you select. Once closed, invoices, delivery notes, estimates, expenses, or investment goods may no longer be entered, edited, or deleted.

Quarters locking

Accounting summary

Accounting summary

On the Contasimple homepage, you can find a summary of your income, expenses, and earnings by period, as well as a chart of your income, expenses, and earnings over the past few months. You'll also be able to see your paid, due and overdue invoices at a glance. See also the forecast of payments and collections for the coming months.

Global vision

In the "Summary" section of the "Accounting" tab you will find several graphs with the summary of your accounting in the period you choose. At a glance you can check the evolution of your business in the last months, the forecast of collections and payments for the following months, who are your main customers and suppliers and a summary of your invoices, expenses and investment goods.

Global vision

Profit and loss report

Profit and loss report

In the "Reports" section of Contasimple you can find your profit and loss report and download it in PDF format.

Collection and payment management

Easily manage the collection and payment of your invoices, expenses and investment goods with Contasimple. Keep your income and expenses up to date.

Collection and payment management

Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting

When you keep your accounting with Contasimple, everything will be stored in the cloud and you will be able to consult it at any time and from anywhere. From web or mobile app available for Android and iOS.

free billing and accounting program
  • Export the official record books necessary for your taxes

  • Management of invoices issued and received

  • Management of investment goods

  • Management of expenses


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